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Course Aim

As a manager and leader one of your jobs is to ensure you and the team is focused on helping the organization achieve its strategy and vision. You want to make sure the work your team completes is connected to the vision and helps move the company forward towards its goals. When teams and individuals align their work to the strategy, not only does it help the company be more successful, it also creates meaningful work for employees. When employees see the value in the work they do, they feel more valuable, become more engaged, and are more motivated to do great work. The Leading the Organization Strategy courseware will help you connect employees to the organization strategy, finds way to understand and share the strategy with others, as well as helps you set expectations for what must be achieved.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify and share what you expect from your employees
  • Show employees how they support the organization’s goals and strategy
  • Ask a leader to discuss the company’s upcoming strategy and changes with your team
  • Create the connection between company objectives and employees’ core work
  • Determine what the team can do to help meet the team’s goals and achieve the organization strategy
  • Evaluate the success of projects based on how well it moved the company towards its vision & strategy
  • Encourage the capturing and sharing of best practices and lessons learned
  • Show employees you trust them to support the organization’s goals and strategy

About the Instructors

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DISS is Qatar’s leading Training and consulting institution in the field of HSE & Management. Our aim is to give organizations the tools and knowledge they need to protect their employees and to increase profitability through developing corporate competencies.


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