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Course Overview

There are chances that a fire can be started anywhere; be it in the workplace or in the residence.  We know that thousands of fire incidents occur that cause loss of life and properties.  We are aware that fire can cause enormous damage to property, injure people, or even cause fatality. Therefore, it is paramount to protect the life of people and vital assets of the society.  This course will give you basic information of fire, fire prevention, fire protection firefighting principles and roles & responsibilities of fire safety personnel.

Learning Objectives

On completion of the course, the participants will have better understanding of:

  1. Importance of Fire Safety
  2. Principles of Fire and combustion
  3. Fire classification
  4. Fire extinguishers and its use
  5. Reducing risk of fire
  6. Role of fire safety personnel

Intended For

This course is designed for managers, safety professionals and other employees to manage safely and effectively in compliance with both their organization’s policy and best practice in Fire safety.   It will enhance their knowledge and enable them to review their departmental systems for safety, introducing controls or implementing changes as appropriate to ensure safety in the workplace.

Duration of the Course

The course is designed for self-paced e-learning mode, one can complete it based on their convenience. The course will be available for a duration of 3 months from the starting date. The candidates are expected to complete the course within this stipulated period. Candidates are assessed by an online multiple-choice examination comprising of 15 questions. Minimum score to pass is 80%.

Course Content

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About the Instructors

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